Computer Demonstration

Transforming Parliaments webinar series: Digital transformation in archiving

Digital transformation is leading to innovation in the archiving of parliamentary records. Parliaments are increasingly faced with questions of how much to digitally archive and for which purposes. Watch this webinar to learn how some organizations – including from outside parliaments - are navigating such demands in the digital era.

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Simon Gronowski

The Holocaust through the lens of a survivor

At this event by the House of the European History, Holocaust survivor Simon Gronowski talks with the public about his escape from deportation to the Auschwitz-Birkenau when he was 11 years old, the story of his family who were killed during the Holocaust and his father, who died shortly afterwards. In doing so, he passes the memories and lessons of the Holocaust to younger generations.

This event is in French.

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Michael Zantovsky and Pavel Cernoch, Bazoches, 2022

Welcome to the Václav Havel Place

Situated at the home of Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of Europe, this bench is one of 49 spaces worldwide dedicated to facilitating dialogue and connecting visitors to a network of discussions inspired by the Czechoslovak politician and writer Václav Havel.

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Vaclav Havel bench

John Hume bust unveiled at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Civil Rights activist, peacemaker in Northern Ireland, and MEP, John Hume made an indelible contribution to democracy and peace in Ireland, inspired by the European project. A new bust commemorates this remarkable man and reminds those passing through the Parliament in Strasbourg of the ideals of the European Union.

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Jean Monnet in Houjarray

The Jean Monnet House: creating a home for Europe

A founding father of the European Union, Jean Monnet dedicated his life to bringing Europeans together and establishing unity and peace in Europe and across the world. His vision for a united Europe was created here in his unassuming home on the outskirts of Paris: at Houjarray, the home for Europe.

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Computer demonstration at the European Parliament

Archives Unit Dashboard

The Archives Unit Dashboard makes almost 1 million archival documents from 1952 to 1984, and over 40,000 parliamentary questions accessible to citizens. Learn about the features of the Dashboard here, and how you can use it to explore European Parliament history.

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Inauguration of the Konrad Adenauer Building

"The Buildings Tell": A look back at 70 years of the European Parliament in Luxembourg

70 years after the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community began work in Luxembourg, the newest building of the European Parliament, the Konrad Adenauer building, was inaugurated on May 10. A new exhibition looks back at this period through a selection of emblematic buildings, old and sometimes unknown architectural projects and visits by foreign heads of state, illustrating the European Parliament’s evolution in Luxembourg since the early 1950s. Read about the exhibition here.

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Former European Parliament President Lord Henry Plumb

In Memoriam - Lord Henry Plumb

Former President of the European Parliament and former MEP Lord Henry Plumb of Coleshill passed away on 15th April 2022, at 97 years of age. Learn about his time in the European Parliament and the archival fonds of his presidency here.

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Voting in the European Parliament

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace: 6 April 2022

Sports have long played a role in European affairs: from the 1980 Moscow Olympics to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the connection between sport and policy in the European Parliament has a fascinating history.

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Treaty of Paris

Signing of the Treaty of Paris

From April 18 1951, the European Coal and Steel Community would lay the foundation of European integration and realise a Europe bonded by common interests in living memory of a war that had divided the continent.

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Enrique Barón Crespo and Nelson Mandela

February 1990: European Parliament President speaks to Nelson Mandela

In 1990 Sakharov Prize winner Nelson Mandela spoke to the European Parliament of the need for a just and lasting solution for South Africa. Read the President's telegram to Mandela upon his release from prison here.

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Simone Veil

The "founding mothers"

In an interview with researcher Maria Pia Di Nonno, the ‘masculine’ history of the EU inextricably linked to its ‘founding fathers’ is re-evaluated, and a new focus is put on the women who have also played their part in bringing about European integration.

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2023 Archives IA

Workshop: AI in Archives

On 16 November 2023, 106 participants from across Europe took part in the workshop 'AI in Archives' at the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Representing EU institutions, national archives and universities, speakers addressed topics from natural language interfaces, process automisation and text mining.

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