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The story of European Parliament elections


Every five years, EU citizens across the 27 Member States have the chance to vote for the next European Parliament. They can choose the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who will make their voices heard and defend their interests at European level. MEPs will then assemble in what is now a powerful forum for political debate, exercising legislative, budgetary, and supervisory powers.

The first European elections took place in June 1979, at a time when the European Community had only nine Member States. The European Parliament, elected for a five-year term with 410 Members, became the first international assembly directly elected by universal suffrage. This event marked a decisive step on the road to European democracy, at the end of a lengthy process to give citizens a democratic voice at European level.

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Digital Exhibition

The story of the European democracy has been shaped by citizens who have had the right to directly elect their MEPs since 1979. Explore the history of European elections and what has driven voters to the polls over the past 45 years.

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The more people vote, the stronger democracy becomes. Together.eu empowers all supporters of European democracy, by making them stronger and more confident to raise their voice, share their values and act, thanks to the strength of a community. 

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Together.eu is a vibrant, connected and growing community working to further European democracy and to do our part to encourage others to vote in 2024 - because the more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes.

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How to vote

Choose your country of voting and your preferred language to find out how to vote. As an EU citizen, you can vote in your country of origin, from abroad or in the EU country you live in. Please note that registration might be required in order to vote.

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Digital Exhibition

The European Parliament is where people from all over the EU gather to discuss and decide on important issues that have an impact on everyone’s lives. Look back on 45 years of European elections here.