European Union History Roundtables


This is a series of roundtable discussions about people, institutional and political issues, and policy challenges in the history of European integration and the European Parliament. These conversations with academics and MEPs aim to inspire reflection and debate about this institution of European democracy.

What is the European Parliament History Service?

This Service organises research on the role of the European Parliament in the history of European integration. It hosts events on the history of politics and policy-making of the European Parliament and beyond, aiming to create and debate connections between the past, current and future challenges for the Parliament and the EU.

President Lord Plumb: A Historical Appraisal

The event focuses on Lord Henry Plumb, President of the European Parliament from 1987 to 1989. Following a video message from European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, Professor Piers Ludlow, London School of Economics and Political Science, gives a historical assessment of Lord Plumb’s political life. Former European Parliament Deputy Secretary-General David Harley and former MEP Monica Baldi then share their personal memories of working with Lord Plumb.

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Seventy years of the European Parliament and EU democratic reform

After an opening statement by European Parliament Deputy Secretary-General Markus Winkler, three academics discuss key landmarks in the history of EU democratic reform and constitutionalism: the 1953 European Political Community Treaty, the 1984 Draft Treaty on European Union, and the 2002-2003 Constitutional Convention. Following this, MEP Guy Verhofstadt and MEP Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, both closely involved in recent debates about EU reform, reflect on the experience of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the prospects for future reform.

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