Cultural Heritage Collection


The European Parliament has a rich cultural heritage, playing an essential role in the development and integration of Europe over the past seventy years. Here our Cultural Heritage collections, which encompass Digital Exhibitions and other historical series, have captured, preserved and digitised this history allowing us illuminate the key historical events and figures of this era. Discover the cultural heritage of the Parliament and trace its fascinating history here.


Louise Weiss: A Committed European

Digital Exhibitions

In collaboration with Europeana, the Archives Unit produces online exhibitions on European Parliament history, bringing to life the events that have shaped Parliament over the years and the people that made them happen. Discover these stories now by exploring these exhibitions and other invaluable resources including exhibition booklets, podcasts, videos and more.

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Flags in Front of Schuman Building in Luxembourg

Series on Buildings

Whether you’re a visitor to Parliament or you've worked there, you have probably asked yourself at some point: who are the people behind the names given to Parliament’s buildings? This series of articles explores the history of the European Parliament buildings and their namesakes, people who have influenced the cultural, social and political development of Europe over the years.

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Treasures of the Archives

Within the Archives of the European Parliament, rare documents give a unique and fascinating insight into the development of European integration over the past number of decades. Uncover these treasures here and get closer to the history of the Parliament.

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House of European History

My House of European History

My House of European History is a unique collaborative project incorporating your testimonies on Europe. Discover thousands of stories from European citizens, navigating by time period, region, or by using the catalogue of unique stories. You can also add your own story and be part of the history today.

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House of European History lectures

Through exchanges with renowned historians and experts on the history of Europe, the House of European History facilitates the exploration and critical examination of European histories, cultures and identities. From 17th century philosophies to contemporary geopolitics, these lectures give fascinating insight into historical and contemporary Europe, and that which connects them.

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From war to civil rights to football, our Spotlight section takes a historical angle on the issues facing Europe today. Articles feature documents from our archives and fascinating audiovisual content, providing a unique insight into the history of the EU and open up the Parliament's archives to you.

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Egon A Klpesch - EP President

European Union History Roundtables

Brought to you by the European Parliament History Service within the European Parliamentary Research Service, this series of events aims to initiate academic research and debates about people, institutional and political issues, and policy challenges in the historical development of the European Parliament as a house of transnational democracy.

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