Enrico Vinci (1986-1997)

Secretary-General Enrico ViniciPlenary session at the European Parliament in Luxembourg, Maria Louisa Cassanmagnago Cerreti - EP Vice-President (L), Enrico Vinci - EP Secretary-General (R) © European Communities 1985


Enrico Vinci was born in Messina, Italy on the 21st February 1932. After completing secondary school with a leaving certificate in humanities subjects, he went on to graduate with a Master's degree in Law. Following his Master's he worked in the office of Mr Gaetano Martino, a liberal politician from Messina, in the Ministry of National Education (1955-1956) and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was involved in preparatory work for the Messina Conference and the Treaties of Rome. In 1956, he was elected as a municipal councillor in Messina and studied at the universities of Messina and Perugia. He joined the European Parliament in 1960.

Vinci passed away on 17 November 2016 in Luxembourg.

Administrative posts held:

1962: Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Committees and Parliamentary Studies.
1962: Chef de cabinet for President Martino.
1964: Head of the unit handling matters falling within the remit of the Political and External Trade Committees.
1969: Director, Directorate-General for Committees and Parliamentary Studies.
1977: Director ad interim, Directorate-General for Committees and Interparliamentary Delegations.
1980: Director-General, Directorate-General for the Registry and General Services.
1979-1982: Head of President Veil's office.
1984-1985: Head of President Pflimlin's office.
1986-1997: Secretary-General of the European Parliament under four presidents: Plumb, Barón Crespo, Klepsch and Hänsch.
1997: Appointed adviser on European matters to Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, with whom he also served for a short time as adviser to the President of the European Commission (2000).

Secretary-General Enrico VinciPlenary session in Strasbourg in February 1980, Simon Veil (L) and Enrico Vinci (R) © European Communities 1980

What's in the Archives

The archives of Mr Vinci's Office are currently arranged in over 500 files containing more than 2,300 items. They are organised in three large series: Organisation of the General Secretariat, Organisation of the European Parliament, and Internal and external relations.

Additional documents have since been added to the initial fonds and will be processed very shortly.

Organisation of the General Secretariat

General organisation

Series SG 04EV A0100/ORG-GEN

This series reflects the Secretariat's 'General organisation' and concerns various matters relating to the administrative and operational organisation of the different directorates-general. 

Staff management

Group of Series SG 04EV A0300/PERS

This series covers information on human resources management within the General Secretariat. The most significant series relates to internal audit. The second series on General Secretariat staff management relates to the agreement on 'the method' of adjusting the remuneration of officials of the European Communities. The other largest series contain documents relating to the medical office and to the Staff Committee and the unions.


Group of Series SG 04EV A0600/DG

This series contains documents on the organisation of the Secretariat and the seven directorates-general that make it up. One series relates to each of them, in addition to a series on the Directorate for Information Technology and Telecommunications.

General Organisation of the European Parliament


This group of series contains documents on the general organisation of the European Parliament and is sub-divided into eleven large series. The first two relate to two highpoints of European integration, i.e. the European elections and enlargement of the Community. The next two series relate to economic matters; one concerns the Monetary Union task force and the other budget and finance. The next series concerns the Maastricht European Council, from the point of view of its implications for the European Parliament. In addition to a separate series on the thorny and fascinating question of the seat of the EP, there are two series on property policy and management. A final series covers sports, artistic and cultural activities, seen from the point of view of events organised by the EP, works of art and celebrations to mark the 30th and 40th anniversaries of the Treaty of Rome.

Internal and external relations


The final series concerns the Secretary-General's internal relations with political groups, and his external relations with other Community institutions, bodies and agencies, as well as with other national institutions and lobbyists. It also contains information on his relations with the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP).

Secretary-General Enrico Vinci Signature