Workshop: AI in Archives

AI in Archives

On 16 November 2023, 106 participants from across Europe took part in the workshop 'AI in Archives' at the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Representing EU institutions, national archives and universities, speakers addressed topics from natural language interfaces, process automisation and text mining. Revisit highlights from the workshop below.

Impressions of the conference on AI in Archives © European Union, 2023


AI for harnessing innovation

Susanne Altenberg, Director of Innovation and Central Services of the European Parliament

In a rapidly evolving world, the power of AI to drive innovation has become undeniable. Today, we stand at the intersection of human creativity and technological prowess, witnessing a transformative era where AI plays a pivotal role in harnessing innovation across various industries and domains. In this keynote speech opening the conference, Susanne Altenberg delves into this subject, exploring how AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for creativity, revolutionizing the way we generate ideas, develop products, optimize processes, and even redefine the boundaries of human potential.

Keynote speech by Susanne Altenberg at the conference on AI in Archives © European Union, 2023


AI in Archives: Between Education and Awareness

Dr Ludovic Delépine, Head of the Archives Unit of the European Parliament

In this digital age, AI's influence on preserving, translating, and making historical records accessible is profound. It empowers us to explore, discover, and learn from our past, enhancing our understanding of the world's events and the lessons they hold. With AI's assistance, we can delve deeper, engage more personally, and uncover hidden gems within the annals of history. Through immersive technologies and data analytics, we stand at the threshold of a richer, more informed appreciation of our shared past. In this closing keynote speech, Dr Ludovic Delépine explores how we can leverage AI to light the way toward a more enlightened future.

Keynote speech by Ludovic Delépine at the conference on AI in Archives © European Union, 2023