Transforming Parliaments: Digital transformation in archiving

The Transforming Parliaments webinar series promotes peer exchange amongst senior parliamentary staff (including ICT directors, CIOs and others) on innovation and technology trends that are driving the digital transformation in parliaments. The webinar series is part of the ongoing exchange of good practices since the 2021 virtual World e-Parliament Conference. It is organized by European Parliament and the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil in their capacity as hosts of the IT Governance hub and the Open Data hub in the IPU’s Centre for Innovation in Parliament. The first webinar series was first held in October and November 2021.The 2nd edition of the Transforming Parliaments webinar series, entitled “Digital transformation in archiving” took place on 5 September 2022.

What is digital transformation in archiving?

Digital transformation is leading to innovation in the archiving of parliamentary records. Parliaments are increasingly faced with questions of how much to digitally archive and for which purposes. 

Should legal compliance be the sole aim? Or should parliaments also ensure the communicability of data for the sake of transparency? How are these aims impacted by data protection laws and needs to manage sensitive information. Watch this webinar to learn how other organizations – including from outside parliaments – navigate such demands in the digital era.


Gabriel Bertone is a Solutions Architect Storage Specialist based in Dublin, Ireland. With 20+ years of industry experience, Gabriel has worked with different organizations across the industry covering diverse infrastructure roles. Over the last 6 years, Gabriel has been working for Amazon Web Services, helping customers to tackle complex data management challenges, developing storage solutions that range from high performance environments for Genomics workflows to Petabyte scale archive solutions implementing digital preservation best practices.

Dr. Jean-François Lutz is CNRS research director and deputy director of the Institut Charles Sadron located in Strasbourg, France. His current research interests include the synthesis of sequence-controlled polymers, the design of digital polymers and the hybridization of sequence-defined macromolecules. He is author of over 250 publications including 10 patents and was listed as an ISI Highly Cited Researcher in the category Chemistry. Among several other awards, he has received in 2018 the Silver Medal of the French CNRS.

Dr. Ludovic Delépine has more than 25 years’ experience in IT, including IT governance for public administration, enterprise architecture and digital transformation. He leads the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s IT governance thematic hub. Currently, he is the Head of the Archives Unit at the Directorate for Innovation and Central Services (attached to the Secretary-General) in the European Parliament.